Laser Marking

Laser marking is a form of technology utilized to mark or label an array of materials using a laser beam. There are a couple of types of laser marking strategies including engraving, annealing, staining as well as foaming. The technique to be used mostly depends on the material and the quality of finish needed. Some of the materials used include metals- silver, steel, titanium, copper and platinum. Laminates, Plastics, and foils are also materials used in laser marking techniques.

Various benefits come with CO2 laser marking. One of them is the ability to gain high precision when working with delicate graphics, one point fonts and small geometrics. Laser marking is a permanent process and doesn’t fade when the material comes into contact with heat, acids or even abrasion. Another benefit is that the process if fast while still being efficient. That means that a laser marking machine can increase productivity while lowering the production costs.

That being said, here are the most popular laser marking techniques:

Laslaser engraving machineer Engraving

The laser engraving device is made to heat the upper surface of the material which slowly melts and then evaporated. This is a fast and efficient method used to remove the material using laser technology. Once the material evaporates away, it leaves a visible impression of the required text, design, logo or any other mark.

Laser Staining

When employing the staining method, the heat from the laser beam is used to create a particular form of chemical reaction. The advantage of this is that it’s capable of creating various color shades on the material. The color shading, of course, depends on with the chemical composition of the material being used. For instance, a light colored plastic object will create soot-like particles which leave behind a dark mark on the surface when heated with a laser beam.

Laser Removing

In this technique, the upper layer of the material is removed by the laser beam to give out a contrast in color throughout the different layers of the element. The conventional materials used with this method include coated metals, foils, anodized aluminum, films and even laminates.

Laser Annealing Marking

This is a laser marking unique technique employed in the process of etching an array of metals. By utilizing a laser beam on the surface of the material, it starts an oxidation process which results in a change in color for the various layers of the material. Metal is, of course, the primary material used in this technique.