What Are Frameless Shower Screens?

A shower screen can be a huge asset to a home. When you have a shower screen, you won’t have to worry about constantly dripping water all over your bathroom floor. The screen will keep water where it belongs: in the shower.

However, a lot of people don’t like the way shower screens look. Thankfully, there are attractive and contemporary options available: frameless shower screens.

Frameless Shower Screens: Advantages

1.They Can Work In Any Bathroom

If you get a shower screen with a frame, you have to worry about finding something that matches with your bathroom. Thankfully, if you decide to get a frameless screen, that won’t be an issue for you. Since there won’t be a frame, there won’t be anything that has to match.

2. They Can Help You Avoid Spills

Every year, there are people that are seriously injured because of water that spills on the bathroom floor. You can avoid these dangerous slips and spills by having a shower screen installed. It offers a ton of clear benefits and has almost no drawbacks.

If you’re worried about an accident in the home, you shouldn’t hesitate. You should look into shower screens as soon as you can. You shouldn’t let anything stand in the way of your personal safety. Invest in a screen that will keep you and your bathroom are safe.
a frameless shower screen and bath

3. They Can Be Installed By A Trained Professional

A lot of people avoid picking up frameless shower screens because of concerns about the installation process. However, you don’t have to install these screens yourself. You can have a professional handle the installation process for you.

Getting a shower screen installed isn’t as costly as one might think. In fact, you should be able to get the whole thing done for a very low price. Call around and see what the cost of installation would be. You may be pleasantly surprised by some of the quotes that you get.

If your bathroom has a water problem, you should think about picking up a frameless shower screen. Shower curtains simply aren’t strong enough to keep all of the water a shower produces off of the floor. Sometimes, you need a little bit of extra help.

There are some beautiful frameless screens on the market. See if you can find a screen that would work in your bathroom.

Deck Builders Use Treated Pine For Outdoor Decks And Patios

The deck or the patio, for many homeowners, is the best part of the house. A deck is a perfect place for the BBQ with some beers while the patio is the best spot for those lovely afternoon teas. The deck can even be used as a part of landscape gardening.

However, when poorly constructed, nothing can give you more trouble than a deck. When not built properly, a deck can be uneven; the planks may not be placed straight, resulting in cracks, leaky roofs, insect attacks or cracks in the timber used. Wooden decks also need to be oiled yearly to make them last longer.

treated pine grainAll of these issues are not only difficult to fix but are also rather expensive. Treated Pine, therefore, is one of the best choices while building or renovating your deck or patio. Treated pine decks are easier to construct because they can be nailed together using a nail-gun, making the whole process fast and effective. The planks are steady and even, so placing them side by side ensures a good, stable structure.

Treated pine is the safe option for pets and kids as it is treated with ACQ, or LOSP does not contain any arsenic, unlike many other treatment products. When building a deck, do remember to ask for non-arsenic versions. On that note, inhaling sawdust while working, with any treated wood is harmful.

Treated pine is also preferred by most people because of the consistency in the design. Almost all parts of the patio or deck can be found in treated pine, from bolt to support posts, even the railings, thus bringing a sense of uniformity in the design.

It does not need a lot of time to construct. It can be just nailed, dried and then oiled. That is all. You can choose to stain it or go for a good coat of paint of your choice.  Treated pine has developed the reputation of being highly durable as a patio or decking material. A one-time expense of a good well-arranged deck will save years of hassles and frustrations.

Compared to Merbau or another hardwood decking, treated pine is safer, cost-effective option. Merbau can release a lot of tannins for months after installation, staining everything underneath it. So one needs to be rather careful with liquid substances around it. The best part of using treated pine decking is the fact that they are low maintenance. Easy to clean, safer around pets and kids, easily affordable and lasts long.

They are also rather durable under rain and the sun; resistant to rot and termite attacks. Of course, many can claim, that choosing hardwood is better. However, it should be kept in mind that for the price of installing pine, its services are commendable. Every kind patio or deck needs regular care. Even hardwood fixtures and deck will rot if they are not taken care of properly. Pine, on the other hand, lasts long and is immensely cost-effective. So while thinking about a new deck, do give treated pine decking a good thought before spending excessively on costlier versions.

Lloyd Cabban is CEO of Deckright Carpenty, a Gold Coast, QLD decks, patios and pergolas specialist. Lloyd is equally comfortable with treated pine of merbau.

24 Hour Access Self Storage Units

Look around your town and tell me one of the fastest growing businesses you see. More than likely it is not going to be a restaurant, tanning salon, or even vapor shop (although those are popping up left and right in my town). More than likely your town has seen an influx of self-storage units. These are typically brown units with bright orange roofs that seem to pop up overnight.

So with all these storage units, who is using them and what are they putting in them? Roy Hiscock from Storage Max Molendinar (Gold Coast) has seen all types through his facility. Check out his site.

It would seem at some point in history people ran out of room in their attics, basements, garages, and outdoor sheds!

Self Storage Units: Who Is Taking Advantage Of Them?

After The Death Of A Loved One

For many people, the death of a family member is rather traumatic. While we miss their physical presence, their belongings can tear at the heartstrings on a daily basis. For that reason, many individuals will put a loved one’s belongings into storage until they are better equipped to deal with it.

Safety And Security

The are many collectors who have turned to local storage units as a way of keeping their prized valuables safe and secure. Storage units offer climate controlled spaces that are often fireproof and offer state of the art security. It is a cheaper alternative than anything an individual could build in their home. These units often hold the valuable comic book, baseball card, and document collections that are valued in the millions.storage gold coast

Temporary Situations

Many of us have found ourselves between homes, living in temporary housing. It is almost impossible to carry all of our belongings from one house to the next. Not only would it be expensive it would be rather time-consuming. In situations like this, a storage unit offers a quick solution to store safely all of your belongings until you are ready for a final move. Your belongings will remain safe and secure for as long as you pay your monthly storage bill. It is a less stressful way of having to deal with a difficult move.

Just Extra Storage

While there are many reasons, people end up renting a storage unit the most common is outgrowing your current storage needs. The attic may be packed to capacity, or the garage can no longer fit the car anymore. These are the reasons people turn to their neighborhood storage centers. It gives them a little more control over the clutter that is taking over their homes and lives.

A storage center gives you the opportunity to hold onto your belongings as opposed to selling them in a yard sale or just tossing them in the trash to make more room. They also offer an area to keep valuables safe from fire, theft, and damage. While they offer a lot of benefits, you just have to remember to pay your bill on time. Or you just may see your belongings being auctioned off on national television!

The Importance Of Pre-Purchase Inspections

Are you wanting to buy a vehicle? Then you need to know why you should get a pre-purchase inspection. This is something you must do if you want to be sure that you’re not getting ripped off in any way. Below is the great advice that can show you why this is a good idea.

Why Should You Get A Pre-Purchase Inspection?

a magnifying glass and a mdel houseThink about the cost of buying a vehicle, even if it’s used. Just trying to buy a vehicle can cost you thousands, and an inspection before you buy barely costs anything in the scheme of things. When you use someone like a mechanic to do an inspection, they will just want to do the work and you don’t have to pay them beyond that. Then you can tell the seller what you found and see if they can tell you why they weren’t telling you the whole truth. Avoiding shady sellers is important and always has been.

The thing to remember about when you work with an inspection is that you get someone to do it that has no interest really in the outcome. If you use someone that the seller recommends you may find out later that they were friends and the person tried to cover for them. Whatever the case may be in the scheme of things it’s always just smart to get the right kind of help with an inspection. Trying to buy something sight unseen or even if you have seen it but know nothing about cars is just not wise.

You are now able to see the pre-purchase inspections are important. They can help you avoid quite a bit of trouble. Plus, in the end, you can see that this is a great way to save money since you can avoid issues with expensive items.

Pre-Purchase Inspections Find Termites!

Why DIY SEO Is A Thing Of The Past

There was a time when DIY SEO was a popular idea. People who were tech savvy would build their own websites and promote them by themselves; managing the on-site SEO as well as doing their own blog comment promotion, directory submission, and link building. Today, DIY SEO is a think of the past, and anyone who wants to do well in the search engines should really seek the help of an expert.

There are many reasons why DIY SEO is no longer popular. Some of the reasons are to do with the explosion of the Internet. Today’s content management systems are complex and sophisticated. They allow anyone to run blogs with images, video and text content, but they are not easy for a non-technical end user to make extensive customisations to. Instead of content on the web being made by technology enthusiasts, developers and “tinkerers”, it is being made by people from a huge range of demographics – including those who lack the skills to understand the nuances of SEO.

However, the skills gap is just one part of the problem. Even those who do have the skills to do their own SEO are opting to outsource the work today because modern SEO is much more complex and time-consuming than the SEO of old. It is no longer possible to get to the top of the SERPs through a few link exchanges and some automated directory submissions.¬†Modern SEO is as much about blogger outreach, media relations and social media management as it is about increasing your “Domain Authority”*. These tasks are time-consuming and require a specialist skill-set. To run a successful website you must be technically savvy, a good content creator, and a good marketer. Few people are all three of these things, so it makes sense to outsource the parts you are lacking. Lesson: outsource your SEO to a savvy e-marketing company

*Note: Page Rank is dead, has been since the end of 2013 when it was last updated, although you still see this concept mentioned all over the web like it’s the be-all-and-end” metric, the holy grail. If you see someone selling you on the idea of increasing your page rank, run for the hills, their old-fashioned SEO will kill your site dead.

Internet News

Lead Generation and Conversion Advice

The trend over the last decade has been away from print advertising including the yellow pages towards internet advertising. For many businesses giving up old ways has been difficult and for some has not begun at all.

In the business world, there is still a great level of ignorance about how to become relevant online and even how to get started. However, unless the average business owner gets solid advice from website designers, SEOs, and social media experts, the future for him/her could be a mine-field.

TopRank Online Marketing Distribution Channels

It’s one thing getting a website built however there are so many factors involved; for example
Cost – you don’t have to pay thousands for a great website
Platform – the platform you choose is a mine-field all on its own.
Web design – this can be critical for traffic conversion. The right structure can get you ranked quickly.
Web designer – who you deal with is critical

So, let’s assume you find a great web designer who doesn’t rip you off. The next step is to find a reliable SEO company to help you get your new website found online. If you’ve been in business for more than 5 minutes, you will have been contacted by every foreign and some local SEO ‘experts’. A word to the wise; go looking for an expert in your town; type “SEO your city” into Google search and see who pops up at the top of the listings. They will typically be just who you’re looking for.

Once you start getting traffic to your website, do they end up buying your goods and services or do they leave as fast as they arrive? Lead generation is relatively easy but converting visitors to your website into a paying customer can be very tricky. One simple change to a website can be all that’s required to transform a non-converting site to one that converts like crazy. Lead conversion is a science because traffic can be tracked, what did they click on, which pages did they arrive on and where do they go next etc. Once you know what your visitors are clicking on you can adjust your site and hopefully reap the rewards you deserve from your online assets.