Family Law in Australia

The study of law has many different facets, and even one particular category can have quite a few different, highly technical and complicated sections, that require specialized attorneys for each different kind of case. A good example is “Family Law” which can include; divorces, alimony, child abduction, child abuse and child custody as well. Each different section will require a certain amount of expertise and study for a lawyer to specialize and know all the different legal aspects needed to represent clients adequately. You need to know you are dealing with a competent practitioner who is also personable and can deal with your issues efficiently; someone like Geoff Gallagher, a specialist divorce and family lawyer in Tweed Heads (NSW, Australia)

Family Law Attorneys Also Need To Study Emotional And Moral Support

More than any other specialty in the legal profession, the family law tends to be one of the most emotional due to the connections between family members being so strong. Many court cases involve things such as separation, divorce, child support, and child custody that all involve parents being apart from each other and their children for certain lengths of time dictated by the law.

Luckily in most jurisdictions, many of the finer details of child custody, divorce, and support have been mostly predetermined to limit the amount of arguing and fighting that goes on in court. This fighting usually only serves to raise court costs and pad the bank accounts of the attorneys.

For these reasons and more, if you have a lawyer that handles your business, real estate, or inheritance law, most likely you won’t want to hire the same lawyer to handle any of your family law business. Most honest attorneys will direct you to someone else that is more specialized in family law, but some unscrupulous attorneys will go ahead and take the case doing a poor job, charging more money, and at times causing problems because of their lack of experience in family law.

Family Law In Australia Typically Goes Through The Family Law Courts

The Australian legal system has attempted to make navigating the family law courts more streamlined and easier to family law courts in Australiaengage the services throughout with less assistance from attorneys as much as possible. The reason for this is that, for many normal law-abiding citizens, the only court they will ever attend will be their time in divorce court.

The Australian parliament has attempted to make the filings more uniform no matter which court you will be attending. And the ability to transfer cases to any other court quickly and easily when required as well.

In Australia, they typically divide the cases between family matters and financial matters so that any allegations of physical or sexual abuse where an agency of the government is involved, including family violence, mental health departments, and international child abduction will usually go through the parenting section.

Financial matters are typically those involving child support, family trusts, alimony and other issues not having to do with crimes but more to do with making payments and supporting other members of the family.

If all of this sounds a little bit complicated, it’s because it is. Which is all the more reason to make sure that you find a competent family lawyer to handle your case in Australia and not rely on a corporate attorney or liability lawyer to do the work that family lawyers have been well-trained for and are experienced in handling?