How To Keep Your Website Safe From Google’s Algorithms

There is nothing worse than putting in the hard work to get your website to grow and then to see it sent plummeting down the search results in your niche. This happens from time to time as the algorithm changes for Google and they target websites that are looking to take advantage of the system. The bad part is a lot of websites are not taking advantage and still end up getting penalised for doing something wrong that gets caught by the crawlers moving through the sites. This is not a good position to be in for any website owner that has put in a lot of hours growing their website to what it is. Here are a few tips to consider when you are looking to avoid those penalties.

No Mass Acquiring Of Links

This is one of those mistakes that is made by impatient marketers. They will want to grow right away and this means purchasing links is right around the corner.

They will want to spread their wings all across the Internet and start getting in front of the community they are targeting. Sounds nice until it just starts to look spammy. Google does not want to see this occur and they want everything to be as natural as possible and this means a slow accumulation of backlinks that pour in over time.

Don’t Spam

This is easier said than done with a lot of website owners not understanding the importance of not spamming. They will not only put up rubbish content, but they will continue to stuff keywords into their content that simply does not work.

Don’t put the keyword into an article over 100 times just to rank for the term. Not only will you fail to win any rewards for great writing, you will fail to shoot up the search results. The algorithm is designed to banish these types of articles that are loaded with one keyword that appears unnatural and rubbish.

Use the tips listed here to grow your website and remain safe when it comes to the crawlers that are eventually come onto your website and look to find issues to de-index your site. Don’t give them the chance to do this and make sure your website is prepared to do whatever it takes to pass the test.

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