Is Blog Commenting Still Viable For SEO?

Blog Commenting – Does It Still Help With SEO

While many people will claim that commenting on blogs is no longer a viable option, they need to realize this is a very viable option. The issue is these comments are not something they can easily leave behind anymore on any blog. Instead, the comments have to be well crafted and insightful for the website the comment is being left on.

The first way the blog comments help with SEO is by providing a link to the site. Since the people are getting a link back to their site from the blog they are going to have a chance to get more links and have their website rank higher in the niche.

A second way that blog commenting is still viable is these comments tend to revolve around the niche specific area. For example, if people have a website on dog grooming, they would want to leave a comment on dog grooming blogs. By having these comments here in Streamshare will tie the dog grooming topic together and count the comment as being one on topic and niche, rather than someone trying to game the system.

Finally, people will find the blog comment links also help them pick up some traffic. Sometimes people will actually take the time to read the comments that are being left behind. Since they are taking the time to read the comments they may click on the links to follow them back to the site.

Having a chance to build up a website ranking is hard work. However, if people want to do this properly they need to know more about how they can do this with blog commenting and explore more about why this is still a viable option. Once people know why this is such a viable option, they will not want to stop leaving comments.

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