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The trend over the last decade has been away from print advertising including the yellow pages towards internet advertising. For many businesses giving up old ways has been difficult and for some has not begun at all.

In the business world, there is still a great level of ignorance about how to become relevant online and even how to get started. However, unless the average business owner gets solid advice from website designers, SEOs, and social media experts, the future for him/her could be a mine-field.

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It’s one thing getting a website built however there are so many factors involved; for example
Cost – you don’t have to pay thousands for a great website
Platform – the platform you choose is a mine-field all on its own.
Web design – this can be critical for traffic conversion. The right structure can get you ranked quickly.
Web designer – who you deal with is critical

So, let’s assume you find a great web designer who doesn’t rip you off. The next step is to find a reliable SEO company to help you get your new website found online. If you’ve been in business for more than 5 minutes, you will have been contacted by every foreign and some local SEO ‘experts’. A word to the wise; go looking for an expert in your town; type “SEO your city” into Google search and see who pops up at the top of the listings. They will typically be just who you’re looking for.

Once you start getting traffic to your website, do they end up buying your goods and services or do they leave as fast as they arrive? Lead generation is relatively easy but converting visitors to your website into a paying customer can be very tricky. One simple change to a website can be all that’s required to transform a non-converting site to one that converts like crazy. Lead conversion is a science because traffic can be tracked, what did they click on, which pages did they arrive on and where do they go next etc. Once you know what your visitors are clicking on you can adjust your site and hopefully reap the rewards you deserve from your online assets.



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